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Moana, Journey of Water – EPCOT

On our last trip down to Disney we were able to experience Moana Journey of Water at EPCOT.  It is located in the World of Nature in the shadow of Spaceship Earth. It’s an interactive stroll that goes  through water features, rock sculptures, and tons of greenery.  Here, the journey goes from Rain – to land – to ocean – to sky and points in between.  Each zone of the water cycle is well marked with signage and the adventure that can be done there.  At each stop in the stages of water, there are interactive activities where you can be like Moana.  The water is magical and inspiring. One exhibit allows you to control the height of little water spouts out of the rocks by raising and lowering your hands.  My grandchildren loved this one. One where the height of the water is determined by jumping in place, the higher you jump, the higher the water.  Along the trail is a walk-through waterfall, if you walk up slowly it was stop for you to go through, or just run through and get wet!  At one stop, running your hands through water creates musically tunes.   And my favorite is creating a wave with your family or friends by standing in front of the water and literally doing the wave! During your time you’re given a good education of water conservation and how to make a positive impact

Just walking through the journey and enjoying the beauty of everything is very Zen like. Keep an eye out little subtle sculptures in rocky crevices, you’ll never know what might be seen. The best part is coming around the bend and viewing Te Fiti and her reflection in the pool.  We were able to do the walk at night time and the lighting was magnificent.  I highly recommend visiting at night time.  It takes on an entirely different atmosphere.  Simply walking around taking pictures was rewarding in itself.  Since we visited in February it wasn’t terribly busy, especially at night but I can see this being very popular in the hot summer months where kids and parents can take a break and get wet!