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Magic Kingdom Fireworks  


This is one of my favorite topics! 

There is nothing better than Disney Magic Kingdom Fireworks.  Did you know that Disney holds the record for being the largest consumer of fireworks?  Yep, they set off over one million fireworks each year at their various parks around the world.  The one place that they will not do fireworks is Disney Animal Kingdom.  Due to Disney’s strict safety commitment to the thousands of creatures at Animal Kingdom fireworks is not an option.  The well being of the critters and keeping to their natural habitats, firework booms and brightness would most likely scare and stress the animals.

Magic Kingdom Fireworks are normally 18 minutes long and usually kicks off around 9 PM, this will vary by season so I cannot stress enough to always check the park schedule for your day, since times can change.  Weather can also impact the fireworks showtimes.

So, you want to see those wonderful fireworks, there are several places to hang out in Magic Kingdom to view them. 

The best places will depend on what you’re comfort level and experience with watching the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. 

  •     If it’s your first time, then I recommend camping out around the central hub area in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Right near the Walt and Mickey “Partners” statue.  This is going to be very crowded, elbow to elbow.  I would recommend getting there at least 45 minutes prior to the start.  From here you will see the fireworks above the Castle and the projections on the Castle.  Just remember not to get too close to the Castle because you’ll have to strain your neck to get a good view. 
  •      Another good spot for first timers is further down Main Street around Casey’s Corner or the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. You can still see the projections on the Castle and you can turn and see the projections on all the Main Street ones as well.
  •      If you’re already seen the fireworks and projections from the front of the Castle, then I highly recommend my favorite spot! I go over towards Liberty Square, along the waterway path.  The first bump out on the walkway closest to the Liberty Square Riverboat dock.  You get a wonderful view of the fireworks right in front of you with the Riverboat in the foreground and the fireworks reflecting off the water.  You hear the music but you won’t see the projections.  I’ve marked on this map the place to stand and also included a few pictures I took last time we were there. 



If you’re staying at my vacation rental Comrow Castle Magical Getaway over the 4th of July and not in the parks on the 4th, I will give my guests the best free place to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks, it’s literally where all the locals go.  We went there last year and I do have to say I was skeptical but was in awe of how close we were to the fireworks.  Just remind me if you’re there!